Altar Call

Altar Call

Altar Call

Altar Call begins just five months after Hip to Be Square ends. Mari is content in her new old life at Golden Horizons and her dating life. Her dear friend Sadie has turned from blissed-out engaged girl to a frantic fiancée as each month ushers her closer to the altar. Meanwhile, Mari, Caitlin, and Angelica are dealing with their own emotions tied to tying the knot. They all have opinions about the institution of marriage, Sadie’s wedding plans, how to handle the visiting ex-wife and stepchild, and, of course, the look of the bridesmaid dresses. Is it possible that their classy, stylish friend has been color blinded by love?

Altar Call is a fun, insightful look at how a wedding…even someone else’s…can turn rational women into strange creatures. On a deeper level, this story is about how, when we live by faith, we worry so much about whether we are doing the right thing…that we forget to trust our faith and our hearts. And in the end, our way to happiness is rarely about choosing an absolute good path verses and absolute bad path. It is about making choices and trusting God in the process.
 Editorial Reviews
“If you love engaging chick lit with quirky characters you’ll want to read this one.” —
“This sequel is extremely entertaining with tons of laugh–out–loud moments!!! I laughed and laughed and you will, too!!! If you are having a bad day and need a good laugh with a great story, then pick this one up, because it will put a smile on your face.” —Five Star Book Reviews & Morr
Reader Reviews
“Altar Call is just as interesting as Hip to Be Square. Hope has such a special way of writing that I feel like I’ve stepped into another life. I go right along with the girls!”—Elaine L.
“Author Hope Lyda in her latest book, Altar Call, has successfully managed to combine active, everyday faith with lively, modern situations and personal relationships. The characters are colorful, engaging, and inspiring, and the final outcome will keep you guessing to the very end.”—Rochelle Pearson

4 Responses to Altar Call

  1. Kelly Hope says:

    Dear Hope,

    Just finished reading Altar Call & loved it, loved it, loved it! Mari is a girl after my own heart with the way she deals with life stuff on her journey of faith. I loved the uniqueness of you writing about the shelter, all the kids, etc. (loved that Wallace). I even loved the ending–hysterical yet believable since it sounds like something I would do. Do you think there’s any possiblity of you writing a 3rd novel of Marcus & Mari & their own shelter in Chicago? All of your characters are so unique that i’m sure you could write another impressive book. I love your sense of humor and down-to-earthness (is that even a word?). Thank you for your encourgement. As a single woman on my own journey of faith, reading this book again challenged me to be open to taking risks. Please keep writing!

    • Hope Lyda says:

      Thank you for the note, Kelly. I do ponder a third book from time to time. I hope someday I have the opportunity. It’d be fun to see what would happen next for Mari and Marcus. I so appreciate you taking the time to look me up and write to me. You’ll have to let me know how those leaps of faith in your own life unfold. I’d truly love to hear. Thanks for the encouragement today!

      • sinymama says:

        Just finished reading Altar Call. I did not read Hip to Be Square, but plan to backtrack & read it as soon as possible. I also really hope that you have the opportunity to write a continuation of Mari & Marcus’ story. I look forward to reading more about these characters…miss them already!
        God bless

      • Hope Lyda says:

        I don’t currently have plans for a third but it is so very tempting to return to the story flow and the characters. Ya never know. I hope that you enjoy Hip to Be Square when you get a chance to read it. I don’t think it will be a problem for you to read it second…you’ll just know a tid bit or two about the fate of the characters! Thanks so much for taking the time to write to me. I appreciate that a great deal. Happy reading…Hope

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